About Us

Nancy Lewin Immigration Services was founded by Nancy Lewin in Toronto, Ontario. Ms. Lewin has extensive experience in the field of Canadian Immigration that began when she was employed with the Canadian Embassy Immigration Section overseas. Her experience in the field spans 30 years. After leaving the Canadian Embassy, Ms. Lewin founded and managed 2 companies (Lex International Services Israel Ltd and Shalom Canada Ltd) that specialized in Canadian Immigration matters in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is fluent in both English and Hebrew and has basic knowledge of several other languages. She is familiar with documentation from numerous countries including but not limited to Canada, USA, Israel, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, India, Morocco, Philippines, Pakistan, and the UAE.

Ms. Lewin was born in the United States and resided in Israel for numerous years. In 2006 she relocated to Canada where she resides to date. Ms. Lewin’s office is located in Downtown Toronto. Her clients are located around the globe. Over the years, she has assisted thousands of people in realizing their dreams to live, work, and study in Canada. The majority of her former clients are now proud Canadian citizens.

Nancy Lewin is an extremely caring individual whose top priority is to provide honest, professional and ethical assistance to people who are seeking to relocate to Canada. All it takes is one conversation with Ms. Lewin for you to understand and feel the difference between her and other Immigration Consultants and Lawyers. She is always friendly and approachable, and readily accessible to her clients at all times. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that her clients receive the best possible service and outcome on their applications.